Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Unwritten Ending

From August 4th to 10th we remained in the village playing music and hanging out at the local "drinking spots". At the one, our bartender was 15! The other one had a better stock, and a more reasonably aged bar tender. Had plenty of great conversations over a beer over there.

We saw a marching drum performance that led up to a sit down performance that was really amazing - I wasn't able to take a full video of it because my card became full, but what can you do.

From August 10th to 12th, we had to find a place to stay in Accra. We ended up sharing a one room place the first night - me, Sean, Adam, Kendra, and Courtney. The name of the place was Beverly Hills.

Then, me and Adam and Sean moved down the street twice, first to a place I can't remember the name of, then to Hotel President. Hotel President wasn't in our guidebook, but it was pretty reasonable.

On the 12th me and Adam went for a "quick" jaunt to the market to get our last souvenirs - it took five hours. It was fun though.

At the airport, one interesting thing happened: when I went to exchange 30 cedis to dollars, this guy led me away from the airport to this sketchy guy with no eyes who pulled out a wallet full of almost every kind of money. I got a decent exchange rate too.

Unfortunately I don't have all my pictures and video yet, so this will have to do! So ends a wonderful trip, and an online blog!

-Nicholas Diaz

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